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“Amazing Armand” & Rich “The Barker” Parker are members of NARAS: The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.


Rich Parker is the CD’s technical advisor. Rich has over 25 years experience in various technical fields. He is the founder of Just Dogs.

Armand Rabuttinio is an animal behaviorist, author, educator, music producer, alternative health practitioner, and children’s entertainer.

“The Amazing Armand!” and his 7 dogs (circa 1979) This photo was featured on the box of Recipe Dog Treats (1986-87) In 1984 he was entered into The Guinness Book of World Records as “The Fastest Dog Trainer” for having trained 132 dogs to the basic commands in a 9 hour event. In 1986 Mr. Rabuttinio authored a training manual for The Campbell Soup Co. and was prominently featured on The Recipe Treats Box.