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The Just Dogs Music CD Collection For Dogs!

“Fast Class” – Prime Time Weekend – Cecily Tynan & Gary Papa., WPVI Channel 6 ABC, Philadelphia, PA

Cecily challenged us with her dogs Zach & Togi with our music CDs for dogs!

“I have to admit I was very skeptical before I went out there and when we played these tapes (CDs) the dogs actually for once paid attention to me.” – Cecily Tynan

Here are some stills from the show. “Amazing Armand,” “World’s Fastest Dog Trainer” – Guinness Book Of World Records (1984-92), Rich “The Barker” Parker, founder of Just Dogs and Cecily Tynan, host of Prime Time Weekend

Left: Armand, Zach, Cecily, Togi and Rich – Right: Armand explains to Cecily how the CDs work

Left: Togi gives Rich a kiss – Right: Armand demonstrates the Touching Tunes CD

Read the articles below, if you’re skeptical download the clip of the show! Watch the music dogs listen to, in action!

Just Dogs Records on Prime Time Weekend

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Radio Interviews:

BBC – Paul Coit – Touching Tunes CD, London England
WVKS – KISS-FM 92.5 – Mark, Fred & Trisha – Music CDS for dogs, Toledo OH
KLIK-1240-FM – Daybreak, Warren Krech – Touching Tunes Music CD, Jefferson City, MO
WOKO-FM – The Morning Roundup with CK & Wild Bill – Music CDS for dogs, Burlington, VT
KUAF – 91.3-FM – Ozarks At Large with Kyle Kellams – Music CDS for dogs, Fayetteville, AR
MIX -100.5-FM – The Morning Show with Michael Storm – Music CDS for dogs, Palm Springs, CA
WRDX – 94.7-FM – The Rock and Roll Morning Show with Jake and Max – Music CDS for dogs, Wilmington, DE
WKLT- 97.5-FM – 98.9 FM – Ellis & Company in The Morning – Music CDS for dogs, Traverse City, MI


“Dog Trainer Vows to Save Dogs Lives” – The Village News – August 06, 2000
By Sofiea Clerico “Thanks to this 21st century innovation, dog owners can entertain and train their dogs faster than ever before and in the comfort of their own home!”

“Barking Up The Right CD” – Delaware County Daily Times – October 09, 2000
By Carolyn Seagraves “If anyone knows what dogs really want, it should be Rabuttinio and Parker.”

“They made Melodies for Man’s Best Friend” – Philadelphia Inquirer – December 17, 2000
By Mary Anne Janco “No barks, howls or yips on this instrumental CD.”

A very humorous look at the JUST DOGS FAVORITE MELODIES: 2010 CD
“Putting on the Dogs” – Hartford Advocate – March 08, 2001
By Edward Ericson, Jr. “So, I’m a believer now.”


Dog World Magazine rated the Just Dogs Records CD collection a “good buy” in the Feb. issue 2002

“Tails at Ground Zero” – Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists – March/April, 2002
By Bret Lortie “While the musical touch-therapy routines are designed for dogs, people can benefit, too.”

Wolf! Magazine – “We played it for for Wolf Park’s main pack” – “Maya, the lowest ranking female, howled during the classical selection and Marion, the alpha female, stared at the speakers during track 5, Breeding Season” – First quarter issue, 2002

“Armand Rabuttinio & Rich Parker Create Music Therapy That Keep Dogs Relaxed And Well Trained” – Animal Fair Magazine – Winter issue 2003/2004
By Patrick Noonan “My six year-old bulldog who now lives for the “Touching Tunes” CD and I can personally attest these CDs work like magic.”