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Professionally mastered for your dog’s listening pleasure!

Watch as your dog selects and responds to a favorite melody!

Strengthens the bond between you and your dog!

Enhances your dog’s attention span for more effective training!

Use with ALL proven dog training techniques, and now dog training will be easy and FUN!

“Amazing Armand,” “World’s Fastest Dog Trainer” and Rich “The Barker” Parker, Founder of Just Dogs have produced the first major technological dog training advancement of the 21st century!

A music CD that they promise, “Is the first of its kind.”

We made Grammy History!

JUST DOGS FAVORITE MELODIES: 2010 CD is the first music CD produced for dogs to be under nomination consideration for a Grammy Award!

For Remixer Of The Year (2000).

Internationally renowned trainer says, “This pleasing yet captivating music bypasses the dog’s conscious resistance in order to achieve training success.”

He discovered that, “the precise blend of hidden sounds, higher frequencies and lower harmonics causes the dog to listen more willingly and pay attention for longer periods of time”

“With this CD you can more thoroughly impress a kind word, pleasant sensation, command word or training technique on the dog’s memory,” says this dog training expert.

The CD titled, Just Dogs Favorite Melodies: 2010 (Listening To The Future Now) comes with a 20 page instructional booklet.

The use of this CD empowers owners and enables dogs to more effectively communicate with each other, leading them into fuller happier lives together.

Thanks to this 21st century innovation, dog owners can entertain and train their dogs faster than ever before and in the comfort of their own home!

Yes! It’s A Great Time To Be A Dog!

Dogs listen to 2010!

Make no mistake, the 2010 CD is the first music of its kind for dogs. Professionally mastered for your dog’s listening pleasure and to be used for training and solving behavioral problems.

FACT: The closest and fastest contact with the dog’s learning mechanism is through the sense of hearing. This fact was discovered by Pavlov’s famous bell experiments in the 1800’s.

FACT: The 2010 CD will-utilize the single most important factor in normal learning. The process of forming mental connections or emotional bonds through associated sensations, ideas, experiences and memories.

FACT: The 2010 CD has shown that dogs can be entertained and certain behaviors improved significantly by playing this CD in the home, dog shop or kennel.


1. Rock ‘N Roll Over
2. Jumpin’ Up Jazz
3. Hound Country
4. Classical Canine
5. Breeding Season
6. Beggin’ For Bones Blues
7. Tail Wagging The Dog

The Role of Entertainment in Your dog’s life!
Today there are more dog trainers, veterinarians, boarding facilities, pet companies (food and supplies), grooming shops, breeders, puppy mills, animal shelters, pet related magazines, books on training, spay and neuter programs, pet walks and fairs (to educate and raise money), pet, sitters and pet lovers than ever before. Both the TV and print media use pets in programming and commercial ads.

Sadly, there are more stray animals, NOW, than ever before.

The reason that most dog owners give for abandoning a pet (in whichever manner this is accomplished); “My dog won’t listen!” This statement is then followed with stories about chewing, running away, barking, jumping up and twenty-seven other behavior problems.

The truth is simply – a bored animal.

Bored to tears, chewing, running away, barking, jumping up and twenty-seven other ways of desperately trying to get your attention! According to The American Kennel Club, “A dog that is frustrated or bored may bark just for something to do.”
Entertaining your dog, mentally and physically, is the answer!

The 2010 CD is the real deal. Pleasing yet captivating music, enabling your dog to mentally reach a place that is equivalent of a meditative state of mind.

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