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An easy to apply system of touching techniques. These intentional good touches are designed to bring about specific results.

Integrating Just Dogs Touching Tunes with Oma’s Touch creates an unparalleled synergy between the dog and owner.

About Music:

Experts claim that listening to music can lift our spirits and raise our consciousness.

Music research indicates that music therapy plays a role in the process of health and wellness.

Consider that there are over 6000 nationally accredited music therapists employed in settings such as hospitals, hospices, mental health centers, day care facilities, clinics, schools, substance abuse facilities, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, correctional facilities and private practices. Therapy dogs are involved in these same settings.

Just Dogs Records recognizes that dogs have the ability to feel and react to the emotional and physical states of their owners, as well as total strangers.

Clearly, we understand the dog’s need to be emotionally adjusted or discharged.

Oma’s Touch, used as directed with Just Dogs Touching Tunes CD, is a good way to insure that your dog will be a better – adjusted, more responsive pet. A greater pleasure to have and to hold!

About Touch:

Touch is a powerful and very direct form of communication. Research has shown that touch is the most important of the five senses. An organism cannot live without being touched.

We use touch all the time but are seldom aware of how the touch we are giving or receiving is affecting us or others.

We all have the instinctive ability to touch each other; physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. The intent of the touch is as important as the type and technique administered.

A mother dog uses a form of touch immediately upon giving birth. This is a vital part of the birthing process. Using her tongue, she stimulates the puppies systems of life. Included is the respiratory, digestive, circulatory, endocrine and nervous systems. The excretory system needs stimulation after each feeding. This tactile contact must be continued over the course of weeks.

Touch has a transformative quality that can shift a situation. Whether you think about it or not touch does pass on an intention. The whole animal is affected from the inside out and will sense the meaning behind your touch.

Dogs are incredible animals! They are adept at picking up on the emotional intent of their owners and capable of giving back or acting upon the feelings they receive.

The better you make your dog feel, the better you will feel!


1. Leaps and Bounds

2. Don’t Give Up

3. Fetching a Rainbow

4. Unleash Me

5. A Dreamy Glimpse

6. Paw to Paw

7. Song of 1000 circles

8. Pals

20-page instructional booklet included!

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